Sunday, June 30, 2013

Contempt of Court: Akufo-Addo supports punishment for culprits

Sunday, June 30, 2013
In rebutting the verbal attacks launched on Justice Atuguba and the Supreme Court by detractors criticizing them for infringing on freedom of expression, I have said that their vitriol is misplaced.
I have also drawn their attention to the fact that the Supreme Court won’t sit down unconcerned for them to hijack the NPP petition before it for trial at the bar of public opinion. It is only by enforcing the contempt of court injunction/prohibition that the Court can discipline public discourse and attitude toward the issue.

As the Supreme Court cracks the whip… Fear looms

Friday, June 28, 2013
My good friends, I am glad that the Supreme Court has begun exercising its powers to deal with those letting their tongues loose and crossing the line. We are all aware of how the Supreme Court has dealt with the NPP’s Sammy Awuku and we can tell from the circumstances that indeed a stream of very cold shiver went down Awuku’s spine. Of course, at this point, it is clear to him that “Man pass man!”
Though spared custodial punishment, his being banned from attending the Court’s proceedings is enough to clip his wings. He may be making some ugly noises of faint defiance at the political fringes; but he knows deep down him that a severe punishment awaits him if he falls out of step—or that “steel can cut steel” (“Dadie betwa dadie”).

Leaking pink sheets can’t contain any evidence

Thursday, June 20, 2013
My good friends, the exchanges concerning the NPP petitioners’ pink sheet exhibits continue to dominate political discussions. I want to wade in to say that when the NPP petitioners claim that all is well with their pink sheet exhibits and that the counsel for the petitioners are on a wild goose chase by asking for what the KPMG is doing, they are only trying to pump themselves up with an optimism that has no basis in reality.
Too many questionable circumstances surrounding this pink sheet exhibit controversy leave me in no doubt that appearances being put up by the counsel and spokespeople for the petitioners are now glaringly deceptive. They can continue shifting the goal post to deceive only their own followers!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fire on the mountain, fire down below… Fire everywhere!!

Monday, June 17, 2013
Yesterday (Sunday, June 16, 2013) recorded the worst and most sporadic instance of fire outbreaks in the country. In all, five different fire outbreaks occurred in many parts of the country, causing death and loss of property as usual, which confirms the speculation that the spate of fire outbreaks won’t abate soon.
I suspect strongly that these fire outbreaks are not accidental, considering the manner in which they occur and their persistence and geographic spread. Thus, I am of the strong opinion that it is arson. Indeed, then, arson has now become the favourite weapon of choice for some people bent on causing mayhem.
Their objective goes beyond merely hurting the political and socio-economic interests of owners of property destroyed by fire. It is motivated by many factors, the most important of which is politically oriented. These people setting the fires want to use arson as a political tool to undermine the government by creating panic, fear, and discontent among the populace to suggest that the government is incapable of securing their limbs and property.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

To obey is still better than sacrifice (Part II)

Saturday, June 15, 2013
I return to the two main religious camps (Christian and Muslim) that the NPP has concentrated attention on for political capital.
That was even why the NPP’s official national campaign for Election 2012 was launched with a non-denominational church service at Essikado, near Takoradi, which immediately drew the parameters for the incorporation of religion into the agenda for hardcore politics.
We saw how Dr. Bawumia criss-crossed the country, entering mosques and commiserating with his fellow Muslims during prayers and celebration of Muslim festivals. We also read news reports on how Akufo-Addo had targeted the Muslim community and even declared his intention to establish a “Zongo Development Fund” for the Muslim communities.

To obey is still better than sacrifice (Part I)

Saturday, June 15, 2013
I continue to marvel at the extent to which the NPP is exploiting religious fervour to pursue its political aspirations, especially at a time that its sad fate at Election 2012 has been sealed and President Mahama continues to consolidate his hold on power.
The news is that a “blood sacrifice” has been done for its Akufo-Addo and prayers offered to God to help him win the Election 2012 Petition now before the Supreme Court so that he can become Ghana’s President.
According to the report on the ceremony, Mallam Olu led the prayers at the Nasariyya Mosque at Aboabo Number Two in Kumasi, which were “intermittently laced with recital of the Holy Qur’an”. Then, a fat sheep (should it not have been a RAM instead?) was slaughtered at the forecourt of the mosque and the meat distributed to the people to thank Allah for His mercy.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The NPP’s libilibi-labalaba politics is in full gear

Saturday, June 15, 2013
The pro-NPP gang of young and inexperienced political activists (“Let My Vote Count Alliance”) has come out with a press statement that needs thorough scrutiny not because it has raised any issue to improve our democracy but because its intentions are roundly irritating for whatever they portend. A mere balloon of useless hot air!!
I really want to take this group to the cleaners for its members and faceless financiers and backers to know what they need to know if they want to learn the political ropes and be relevant to contemporary Ghanaian politics.

Justice Atuguba here, contempt of court there

Friday, June 14, 2013
As is to be expected, the NPP’s machinery of calumny and intimidation is running at full throttle, churning out lies, pure hatred, and concentrated chaff against Justice William Atuguba, the president of the 9-member panel of Supreme Court judges hearing the NPP’s petition regarding Election 2012.
We are aware of the brains behind this campaign and have read opinion pieces and comments in several forums to that effect. The latest one is from a Professor Stephen Kwaku Asare (popularly known on Ghanaweb’s SIL as “Kwaku Azar). (See:
His opinion piece, entitled “The Justice of Intimidation,” clearly epitomizes the mindset of the anti-Atuguba elements in the ranks of the NPP. The basis of this Atuguba-loathing is the misperception that he is “biased” in his conduct of affairs at the ongoing petition hearing.
Such opinion pieces and comments against Justice Atuguba and others on the panel clearly confirm the demonstrable insidious nature of these NPP characters. I laugh them to scorn and reassure them that their vain words of intimidation are like mere water that will drip off Justice Atuguba’s body as soon as splashed. It won’t stick!! Nor will it help reverse their sad electoral fate. What is written is written.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

As President Mahama sings, his opponents cry!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013
A clearly harmless statement of faith made by President Mahama has been seized on, tossed and turned, and twisted by all manner of people for obvious political purposes. I disagree with all these people and will explain why.
We must note here that President Mahama wasn’t even commenting on the NPP’s petition. He was referring to Election 2012 in which he participated. And Election 2012 is larger than the NPP’s bogus and odious petition.
First, let’s place everything in perspective. On Monday, President Mahama addressed NDC supporters at the party’s headquarters in Accra to mark the NDC’s 21st anniversary. He told them that “Our victory was won cleanly and fairly,” and expressed confidence that “Justice will be served” and that he could not come to any other conclusion than acknowledging “the very transparent, free and fair victory that we won at the elections”.
Hardly had the import of his utterance sunk than the so-called Young Patriots of the NPP bared its teeth to attempt cutting him to size