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Dancing in circles, the NPP is a kite without a tail (Part I)

Friday, January 24, 2013
Right in front of our eyes, the NPP is fast turning itself into a huge kite without a tail. Obviously, if you have made or flown a kite before, you should know how a tailless kite behaves when launched.
Going into a tailspin just before the Chairman of the Electoral Commission (Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan) announced the certified results of the Presidential elections, even in the teeth of opposition by the party’s leaders, the NPP didn’t take long to go into a terrible overdrive only to lose its tail thereafter. It has remained on our radar screen and we continue to monitor its gyrations.
And we don’t expect its commotion-without-motion to end anytime soon because the whirlwind that propels the gyration is still active on the horizon. Several happenings within the NPP’s own fold provide that kinetic force to sustain that whirl. Call it a “Concert Party” show of sorts!

Good friends, daily developments suggest to me that the NPP is gradually moving toward the precipice and will soon fall head-over-heels into the abyss that it has dug for itself. Or fold up upon itself to become one huge ball of political tragedy.
I have all along been saying that the party is suffering from self-inflicted harm. In all that its leaders and followers have been doing in connection with Election 2016, I haven’t ceased to caution them against their inching toward the tipping point. Now, it seems all hell will soon break loose in that camp.
Three major developments have occurred in the past few days to reveal that all is not well in their ranks: Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby’s open denunciation of the party leaders’ “knee jerk self-promotional gimmicks”; boycott of vetting of Ministers-designate; and the Alan Kyeremanten campaign posters. Each of happening has its tendency to divide ranks and deepen animosity. So, we unpack them to know more.
The Wereko-Brobby Factor
Wereko-Brobby came out strongly against the party’s leaders and firing salvos from all angles. He publicly disapproved of their instigating a court case over Election 2012 as well as boycotting upcoming bye-elections in Akatsi South and Buem and the vetting of newly appointed ministers.
To him, what is happening in the party is unhealthy as far as preparations for Election 2016 are concerned.
The trajectory of his verbal archery is visible:  “The NPP must square the circle or cut out the comic tragedy,” he roared, describing the party’s decision to boycott the Akatsi South and Buem and parliamentary bye-elections as “illogical and nonsensical.”
Within the context of the lawsuit before the Supreme Court, he was quick to identify the main problem facing the party today as “self-promotional gimmicks,” and urged that steps be taken to redirect energies toward preparing for Election 2016 and not crying over spilt milk.
He also attacked crucial aspects of the NPP’s unproductive agitations that clearly point to the self-destruction that is looming. And he asked insightful questions to raise critical issues on the party’s fate.
Questioning the basis for the NPP MP’s boycott of the vetting of Ministers-designate, he raised interesting issues, the gist of which is that if the NPP MPs feel they won’t recognize or work with the Executive, then, they should all resign from Parliament and not hold themselves up as such.
He is clear in his stance: “An essential pre-requisite for convincing the majority of Ghanaians (not just the “yente gyae fanatics”) is to demonstrate a commitment to principled democratic conduct and not knee jerk self-promotional gimmicks.
Then, he makes a passionate appeal to ancestry, saying that “Our Party deserves better. Dr. J. B. Danquah deserves better. Dr. Kofi A. Busia deserves better. President Edward Akufo-Addo deserves better. Obetsebi-Lamptey deserves better. President J. A. Kufuor deserves better. Victor Owusu deserves better.
His public airing of these concerns did some harm to the party’s interests inasmuch as it brought into the open the dissensions seething within, which has been worsened by the caustic reaction of the party’s leaders and identifiable groupings to his dare-devil pronouncements. The picture is clear that something is not adding up well in the Osono family. And it is just a matter of time before an implosion occurs.
Folks, as was to be expected the “attack dogs” pounced on Wereko-Brobby and tore his reputation to tatters instead of using their heads to comprehend the substance of his admonitions. A quick analysis of the acerbic reaction reveals much about the extent to which the disquiet can reach:
The NPP New Generation Group quickly tore him to ugly ribbons, pouncing on him in a frontal attack to shred his reputation beyond repair. Not only did they paint him as “bad news” with “nothing to offer” but they also destroyed his moral fabric, portraying him as a profligate and lecherous Billy goat with an insatiable libido.
The party’s Communications Director, Nana Akomea, expressed disappointment at the public criticisms of Wereko-Brobby, describing his arguments as “illogical” and lacking sense,” and saying that by his actions, he has exhibited gross disrespect to the party.
The party’s First National Vice Chairman, Fred Oware, said the leadership of the party will not dignify Wereko-Brobby’s innuendoes about the party’s decision to challenge Election 2012 with a response, insisting that Wereko-Brobby’s statement was in a very bad taste and should be treated with the contempt it deserves by the party’ followers.
Then, he parried away Wereko-Brobby’s admonition as evidence of infiltration of the NPP’s ranks by the NDC: “There are people within the party who have been hired by the NDC to do what he is doing, but we hope he is not one of them; people are encouraged to speak their minds and that is the beauty of our party.
The Deputy Minority Leader, Dominic Nitiwul, described Wereko-Brobby as “an unnecessary element” (a nonentity) within the party, an opportunist who reaps where he hasn’t sown.
The Chairman of the pro-NPP Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), Dr. Ayew Afriyie, described Wereko-Brobby as “senseless and reckless.”
We note that Wereko-Brobby is a founding member of the NPP—what some of those in the forefront spearheading the party’s agitations and their supporters insulting him are not!
All these verbal attacks against one man who has been bold to remind the party leaders of the danger that lies ahead? The truth is that Wereko-Brobby is not the only worried person in the party. The Tain example is just an inkling. Don’t even include what Sekou Nkrumah is revealing to undercut the party.
There are many more who aren’t bold enough to air their sentiments or resentments but who are sitting on tenterhooks, nursing fears for the party’s future, and waiting to explode at the least poking.
We can tell that all is not well in the NPP as daily happenings indicate that ranks are breaking—with some functionaries for and others against all that is happening. A house divided against itself?
I shall return…
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