Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why must “Biggest opposition leader be part of Gov’t”?

Tuesday, February 28, 2014
My good friends, I will say it loud and clear here that Ghana does not need any "Shadow President".

Folks, throughout my many years on this earth, I haven't ever come across any suggestion regarding governance as idiotic as this one put forward by Prof Agyeman Badu Akosa:

"We propose that the leader of the opposition must have a decent role in the governance of this country and must be accorded a status befitting of shadow President. The position must come with a home as elegant as the Australian House and provided a staff strength of between 20 and 40." 



How do some of these Ghanaian intellectuals think at all? A Shadow President? To do what specifically? To run a parallel government in Ghana? What for?

What is good about such a person that the electorate can't see well enough to put him in office but reject him at the polls only to become a "Shadow President" to be accorded official status? Even when the substantive President and his government have the mandate to administer affairs?

What Prof. Akosa has suggested is a recipe for the kind of disaster that Ghana cannot cope with.

I am not surprised, though, at his suggestion, especially, its being made at the 47th J.B. Danquah commemorative Lecture in Accra. Power-hungry but disappointed politicians will expend energy crafting ideas to enter political office through the backdoor.

No room for characters. Once they lose elections, they should find better things to do with their time, energies, and resources. If they want to be in power and be regarded as "Presidents", they should learn how to appeal to the electorate.

Ghana doesn't need any "Shadow President". When there is light, only dubious characters will look for darkness in which to operate.

I shall return…
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