Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is the United States pushing itself too far into Ukraine?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
I have said several times already that Ukraine means more to Russia than it does the United States and its European allies, which is why the crisis unfolding in that country needs a level-headed approach than the militarism and empty threatening issuing forth from the quarters of the West.
Of course, only the Russians and Ukraine understand their own language (of diplomacy or coercion). Whatever happened to bring Ukraine under the flag of the erstwhile Union of Soviet Socialist Republics can be better understood by Russia and Ukraine, not the West whose posturing gave credence to whatever made it possible for the USSR to emerge with its Warsaw partners.

Taking over the mantle of leadership, Russia has stood by as its former Warsaw Pact allies turned to the West for whatever they might be interested in. They have joined arms with the West and its NATO to create the impression that Russia is their number one target in any sense of gunboat diplomacy.
All this while, the balance hasn't tilted in favour of these NATO forces despite their positioning all kinds of military accoutrement in areas close to Russia.
Today, it is the turn of Ukraine; and as its bad-blood relationship with Russia deepens, the United States is mobilizing forces to use Ukraine as a final window through which to peep into happenings in Russia.
That is what Vladimir Putin and the Russian Establishment won't tolerate, which explains why Russia is doing all it can to ensure that Ukraine remains a no-go area for the US and NATO.
The Russians won't play dumb to allow these forces to encircle it; otherwise, it will be doomed.
As the crisis persists, the US is going a step beyond threatening and imposing sanctions to making its physical presence felt in the region. Its Secretary of State and Vice President (Joe Biden) have been to Ukraine to reinforce that bid.
Now, the US is sending about 600 military personnel to Poland for exercises. The first batch of 150 has already landed, to be followed by a further 450. This show of force is the US' response to the building up of tension in Ukraine.
In doing all these manouevres, the US is daring Russia and flexing muscles for what may end up worsening the situation in that part of the world.
Russia will definitely react to this empty showmanship; and the world stands endangered thereby!!
What is the motivation for all this show of force as if that is all the US needs to do to cow Russia into submission?
Instead of resorting to militarism, it is better for the US and its allies to find better and less volatile means to approach the Ukrainian crisis.
Unfortunately, the world body called the United Nations can't do anything to let the voice of reason prevail. Its South Korean Secretary-General (Ban Ki Moon) is still sleeping on the job, lost to all the happenings. He has lost his voice because he is afraid to bite the finger feeding him. By the time he wakes up, it may be too late for any preventive action to be taken to avert a global catastrophe.
Why is the UN under Ban Ki-Moon so useless?

What is unfolding is scary and can touch off something horrible, especially if militarism supersedes common sense in handling this Ukrainian crisis.

It indicates how useless and needless wars are ignited and fought for nothing. Such wars accomplish nothing; they only end up destroying limb and property, confirming fears that unbridled crave for power and authority remains the main danger facing humanity in contemporary times.

I shall return…
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