Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The United States throws Libya into turmoil and runs away…

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Folks, I have heard it said several times that the US has interests but no permanent friend anywhere in the world. Certainly, it has demonstrated its military prowess in many parts of the world top confirm such an impression and to worsen it in other cases.
Happenings in Libya provide ample evidence to suggest that the US is running away from the very shadow that it created and used to insert itself in the Libyan crisis.
After putting Libya in a state of turmoil after helping opponents of Muammar Gaddafi to kill him and destabilize the country, the United States is detaching itself from that country. The nasty events in Benghazi that resulted in the killing of its Ambassador Stephens notwithstanding, the US seems to be sitting on the fence as the situation in Libya deteriorates by the day.
Can you believe it that the US is now asking its citizens to leave Libya (as the situation deteriorates further and the government cannot put its house in order to rule the country)?

Here is the news: “US tells its citizens to leave Libya amid unrest”, according to the BBC.
The US State Department has warned any American citizens in Libya to leave the country immediately. It said the situation in the country remained unpredictable and unstable. On Tuesday, the US said it was sending a warship carrying around 1,000 marines to the region for any possible evacuation of American officials.” (See:
One would have expected the US to be directly involved in repairing Libya, and that its allies in the multinational force (Britain, France, Qatar, etc.) that collaborated with it in devastating Libya would not turn tail but support the Gaddafi haters to rebuild their country and ensure that the democracy that they dangled in front of them would be accepted and installed to move Libya forward.
Unfortunately, nothing of the sort is happening, which leaves Libya in a worse situation than it was under Gaddafi (no matter how much venom his leadership style had wrought in his own citizens and outsiders alike). Destroying the country’s infrastructure and system of administration was no problem; but rebuilding that infrastructure and ensuring that Libya re-emerges from the ashes of Gaddafi is the problem that none of the outside forces wants to contribute toward solving.
Is the US teaching a lesson in failed military aggression against a sovereign state that nobody will be willing to learn?
If you heard President Obama’s speech today at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York, you should be left scratching your head:
He promised a new US foreign policy based on “collective action” with allies abroad, saying that the US would still lead but would avoid the “costly mistakes” of the past. He told graduates at the Academy.
He announced a $5bn (£3bn) fund to fight global terror and promised the US “must not create more enemies than we take off the battlefield”. (See:
Call it an epiphanic moment, and you will be right. And now that their own trained spy (Edward Snowden) is revealing all he can about their intelligence activities in cyberspace, they are more than scared. John Kerry is asking Snowden to “man up” and return home if he believes in the US’ justice system. (See:

The boomerang effect is hitting hard; not so? There you are, Uncle Sam!!
I shall return…
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