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The NDC sets the pace in Ghanaian politics

Friday, June 13, 2014
Folks, do you recall the NPP’s senile Joseph Henry Mensah’s ill-wish for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) when it lost the 2000 elections? I do: “In a year or two of the NPP government under Kufuor, the NDC will be dead!”
J.H. Mensah himself is closer to death today than the NDC is. Who has heard anything from him over the past 8 years? No mortal being can cheat Nature; but political parties outlive their founders if properly managed.
None of the diabolic meausres implemented by the NPP administration harmed the NDC. It survived the whirligig and bounced back to torment the NPP at Elections 2008 and 2012 and will continue to do so for as long as the NPP refuses to face reality to know that its “rogue” politics is anachronistic and won’t win it political power.

The factors that prompted the formation of the NDC are still relevant to contemporary Ghanaian politics and will continue to prop it up as the party with the most widespread national appeal. The NPP is a tribal cabal nourished by nothing but a holier-than-thou coloration that repels instead of attracting Ghanaians across-the-board. If you don’t agree with me, you have the benefit of your own doubt; but just take a good look at the pattern of voting to know why only two (Ashanti and Eastern) out of the country’s 10 administrative/political regions go for the NPP. Even then, the NDC gets good votes from there, which confirms its wide appeal.
Because it is viable, the NDC has chalked 22 years and deserves commendation for coming into its own and resisting all kinds of pressure to remain vibrant and viable. It has proved its haters wrong and will continue to do so as long as it remains potent. It straddles all the disparate political camps, attracting support from pro-Nkrumahists and Danquah-Busiaists. Forget about the “Dombo” after thought here. Otherwise, why has the NPP’s Bawumiah continued to lose in his own hometown and constituency at Elections 2008 and 2012? Northerners won’t fall for liars and hypocrites (“Kabonga”)!!
To bolster itself, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken a giant step to regularize its membership parameters and to ensure that it remains viable. It has introduced a biometric membership card, which President Mahama launched at a National Executive Council meeting in Accra.
I am gratified at this innovative approach toward membership drive and wish that the exercise will be conducted properly in all crannies and nooks of the country. I agree with President Mahama's claim that the new card will help the party to easily identify its members in good standing. And his assertion that the move makes the party the most mordernised party in the country is unquestionable.
(A desperate Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings has just re-launched her fiasco of a National Democratic Party. People like her need to be told that they will do themselves a world of good if they swallow their foolish pride and return to the NDC that gave them the exposure that they are abusing. Tearing themselves apart on this kind of wild goose chase has made them the butt of public scorn).
As General Mosquito also said, members of the party are to pay a token amount to defray the cost incurred in producing the cards.
According to him, the biometric registration process has been conducted in eight out of the ten regions with most advanced areas being Western Region where 44,000 cards have been printed and 18,000 distributed.
In the Northern Region, he said 80,000 out of 150,000 cards have been printed.
The Chairman of the Biometric Registration Committee, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, said although they received international proposals the system they adopted is home-grown.
Coming at a time that the critics and opponents of the NDC administration are moving heaven and hell to cause disaffection for it, this measure should guide the party in assessing its strength nationwide. Then, it can do things to remain viable.
Beyond this biometric card, though, the need exists for the party's leaders to work in the interest of the party and country and not the self. Too much exists to suggest that they are self-centred, which demoralizes the party's followers.
Party work demands sacrifices. Those who do the trench work (foot-soldiers) have been complaining for long that they have been neglected. The leaders must "grow" the party by making it attractive.
One area that they need to consider is funding. Though some rich members of the party may be willing to provide funds and resources to boost party work, it is important that the party itself be retooled through commercial ventures. Once registered as an entity, the party can embark on commercial ventures to provide resources for itself and be self-supporting.
I have in mind such commercial activities as transportation (taxi and cross-country transportation), which will also create job openings for party members. Other commercial activities (such as agricultural production) can be considered for investment. There are many opportunities for the party to establish itself to become self-supporting. It needs only bold steps to be taken as such.
As the party prepares for its delegates conference on October 24, it is imperative that its leaders reach out to the members who have been embittered by the government's inability to solve problems, which has angered segments of the population and will make their electioneering campaign tasks difficult.
There is much despondency, which has to be addressed expeditiously. The leaders must also listen to the party's followers so they can work together instead of tearing at each other's throat. Party work must not be reduced to a "one-man-show".
Beyond this biometric card, the party's leaders and followers need to intensify their membership drive and reach out to those who are needed to grow the party.
The NDC must be properly managed to grow and remain vibrant and viable. Only then will it continue to be the nemesis for the Danquah-Busia camp, having already dislodged the pro-Nkrumahist camp to become Ghana's foremost formidable political force.
As Ghanaian politics continues to be full of nonsense (thanks to the late A.A Munufie’s observation), only those political parties that know how to adapt to changing times will attract massive following. The NDC knows how to do so and must continue to preen its feathers so as to remain beautiful on the political horizon to boost its membership. Those stuck on “rogue” politics can do all they want.
I shall return…
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