Monday, January 26, 2015

Is DCOP Kofi Boakye pinching The NPP too much?

Sunday, January 25, 2015
Folks, we know that Ghanaian politicians love operating in darkness, where they scheme to reap where they haven't sown anything. If you doubt it, tell me which single Ghanaian politician can be described as selfless and so public-spirited as to use political power for the good of the citizens.
Operating in the dark to them is the surest way to survive. And they do so with unprecedented alacrity, driven by vindictiveness against anybody they consider as a threat.
We know of situations where public officials perceived as allies of political opponents are persecuted, hounded out of office, and punished in diverse ways. The see-saw situation that has characterized the exchanges between the NDC and NPP administrations that have ruled Ghana in this 4th Republic is dotted with vindictiveness. Don't ask for any elaboration.

Under Rawlings, many people deemed to be pro-NPP had their measure. When Kufuor sat in the saddle, those perceived to be pro-NDC were shown the exit from public office or sent to the Siberia of their institutions to wither away. When the tide turned against the NPP and the late President Mills took over, the spate of "do-me-I-do-you" didn't end; so has it been to date under President Mahama. The NPP people are crying all over the place for being sidelined or victimized on the basis of their political persuasion at the workplace. They wish that their party will return to power for the scale to swing against those now making life hot for them. That is Ghana for you.
To flesh out this issue, Deputy Commissioner of Police Kofi Boakye (Ashanti Regional Police Commander) has poked former President Kufuor in the eye, making the serious allegation that his administration nearly dismissed him from the Police Service just because he was perceived as a "Rawlings man" (Read the story at
Indeed, Kofi Boakye's allegation rings a loud bell and reinforces the negative impressions that some have about how Kufuor and his government dealt with public office holders, using flimsy reasons such as political affiliation and ethnicity as the gauge.
Of course, our security personnel are not a-political. They vote at election time, making electoral decisions that suit them. So, one shouldn't be surprised that they will identify with those they prefer. But therein lies the danger!!
Loyalty to a President or political party in power that they didn't vote for will be difficult to uphold. Sabotage may be the preferred means to register protest. Not good for any system. So, should any move be made to prevent security personnel from voting at all? Too dicey; right? The conundrum for us to ponder!!
Kofi Boakye also touched on a very serious issue, which has to do with the calibre of people recruited into the Ghana Police Service or the other security agencies. According to him, the criteria for recruiting personnel have been twisted to such an extent that "misfits" end up being preferred. And these "misfits" are often the relatives of the recruiting officers' girlfriends, wives, etc. or party boys and girls running (fools') errands. No consideration for suitability (physically, psychologically, academically, or otherwise). Once someone in authority pushes someone forward for recruitment, no questions asked!! That's true, Kofi Boakye!!
And the problem is that those "misfits" recruited into the security apparatus are all over the place, doing nothing productive, but throwing their weight about and threatening or scaring anybody insisting on getting them to adjust. They are quick to cite their "political connections" and to pump themselves up with so much gusto as to frighten those doing the right thing to keep them in shape.
I know for sure how such "misfits" behave; and they are good at trumping up charges against their superior officers and painting them very black in the eyes of their political connections. Frightened by such posturing, the superior officers either cave in or give up. Discipline breaks down, and anything goes!! Too bad for Ghana.
Can Ghana be defended with such misfits in our security services? No wonder there is so much rot in those security services.
Whether we like it or not, Kofi Boakye has made bold assertions that we must ponder. Will he be forgiven by the NPP? What will happen to him if the NPP EVER returns to power? I don't know!!
I shall return…
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