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Here comes the NPP with its rogue politics of lamentation

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Folks, I have persisted in saying that with the kind of "book" and "rogue" politics being done by the NPP, there is ample reason to conclude that political power will continue to elude it.
True to my expectation, they have put into motion their well-rehearsed politics of lamentation and rabble-rousing. If you doubt it, just pause to assess the direction in which they have been moving and will continue to go as Election 2016 approaches. Nothing to prove to Ghanaians that they have better policies and strategies for rebuilding the country. It is either plain insults or bragging. Political power can't be won that way.

Here is the latest instance:
Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, running mate to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo, has stated that the electorate erred by voting for President Mahama during the 2012 polls.
He said since the 2012 elections, he had observed that the country had seen nothing but total hardship – which had not been experienced in the country before – due to the poor policies and programmes of the Mahama-led ‘wahala’ administration."
Dr. Bawumia was speaking during the official unveiling ceremony of Coalition to Elect Nana and Bawumia (CENAB), an NPP support group based in the United States of America, at the Georgia Hotel in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital, last Friday. (See
• the electorate erred by voting for President Mahama during the 2012 polls.
• he and Nana Akufo-Addo are the best people to properly manage the affairs of the almost dying Ghana
• Dr. Bawumia openly sobbed about the dying Ghanaian economy and how the people were struggling to live, saying that the country needs the NPP administration in 2016 more than any other time, to help lessen their plight and restore hope to them.
• “When you want to get a decent accommodation in Ghana now, it is ‘wahala’, and when you want to get access to good health care, there is wahala,” the NPP guru lamented.
• “Even if you want to buy cement or take your wards to school, it is the usual ‘wahala’ you will pass through.”
This kind of "sentimental politics" won't turn anybody's crank. What amazes most is Bawumia's assertion that "the electorate erred by voting for President Mahama during the 2012 polls". Is it now that he knows that President Mahama was ELECTED by the electorate at Election 2012 or he knew at the time but chose to lead the NPP on a wild goose chase, holding the country to ransom and destabilizing the situation for nearly 8 months?
Do you see how these rogue politicians do things to shoot themselves in the foot? Liars and thieves at the touchline, desperately howling to be given political power. No way!!
Who doesn’t know that life in Ghana hasn’t been easy for all the years that the territory has been in existence? Just trace everything to the pivotal moment on February 28, 1948 when the Osu Alata Mantse (Nii Kwabena Bonnie IV) led the mass protests against the Association of West African Merchants (AWAM) because the cost of living was unbearable. Couple that with the resultant nationwide riots and arson and why the very problems that catalyzed the fight for independence would turn out to be the fodder for the cowards who toppled Nkrumah on 24th February 1966 to push Ghana into the doldrums and you should be nearing home. Then, weigh all that has happened ever since and do a careful analysis of the factors that have kept Ghana underdeveloped ever since and you should know better not to buy into this kind of rogue politics. After all, what do they have to offer but their own kind of self-righteousness that won’t solve Ghana’s problems?
After being consigned to the political wilderness for 30 years and being pardoned to return to power under Kufuor, what did they do right to right whatever wrong that they had harped on? Nothing concrete but the very cosmetic measures that they had condemned while in the opposition. If the electorate had seen anything substantially worthwhile about them, they wouldn’t have gone for the NDC at the time that the NDC wasn’t even properly organized to assume the reins of governance under ex-President Mills. But the voters went for the NDC because they were convinced beyond doubts that what Kufuor did wasn’t worth their bother. They re-affirmed that stance at Election 2012 to dismiss Akufo-Addo.
Between then and now, what has changed to prove that the NPP has anything proper and better up its sleeves apart from the self-projection and rogues politics? Nothing but foul politics!! And voters aren’t prepared to be swayed by foul politics. Why is it difficult for these NPP people to read between the lines to make amends (that is, if they can ever do so)?
I have said it several times already that although the Mahama-led administration isn’t solving problems as quickly as the electorate expect, they won’t easily throw it away with the bathwater to go for the NPP and its Akufo-Addo. There is more to the issue than meet the eyes of these NPP book and rogue politicians who are pumping themselves up and flexing muscles for nothing. They are still not prepared to change their ways and are busily sowing the wind to reap the whirlwind. Such is the modus operandi of self-righteous people who see nothing good in people placed in authority over them by Fate/Nature. Thus, because they are in power, anything happening in Ghana foreshadows an apocalypse. Dolorous politics!!
I for one will not look for dung where no cow grazed. So shouldn’t you, my good friends.
I shall return…
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