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The NPP’s false alarm politics won’t fly

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Folks, I have been to Ghanaweb to read a news report in which Dr. Pink Sheet Mahamudu Bawumia was quoted as castigating the NDC administrations under the late Atta Mills and Mahama as borrowing excessively yet showing nothing for it in the country to prove how the money was used. (See the detailed news report at:
I won’t tax my brains at all in unpacking Bawumia’s allegations. Instead, I have decided to pick comments from readers of the news report to shed light on the issues. Generally, the comments indicate  that Bawumia should have known better not to go that way. Indeed, this recourse to raising “false alarm” seems to be the most preferred line of politicking by the NPP. No suggestion is given to help us know how any government (especially one under the NPP—May God forbid, though) can do things to solve Ghana’s problems without resorting to the international donor community.

As usual, Bawumia waxed in sterile statistics just to sustain his own ego as an economist. Hell-bent on using statistics as his trump-card, he said a lot but made little sense, which the comments on his effusions prove. Here is a selection of those comments:
1.      If you have any conscience or credibility in you, you rather question the NPP why should even borrow. This is because our debts were cancelled, grants given free as result of declaring Ghana hpic. So should they borrow?. You see how stupid you & Bawumia are?

2.      Bawumia’s warped economics: Remember the cost of items you bought or used last eight years is not the same at present. There is inflation worldwide.

3.      Bawumia, you're not making any sense at all. So despite, the debt cancellations & huge monies you received from the international community, you still borrowed?.
I will rather give credit to NDC to borrowed less. Bawumia, you're a disgrace to the intellectual community.

4.      I tend to think along this line too.. So, with joining HIPIC and all the debt cancellation, NPP still managed to create a $9 Billion deficit?...  And still went ahead and packaged the most luxurious retirement package for their President Kufuour. As if that was not enough waste, NPP spent a huge amount on stupid chains themselves.

5.      whiles they insinuate mahama as Pepe you blindly forget who you are, see the difference in the borrowing? borrowing to build gas, factories, roads etc and not selling Ghana Telecom, Ghana airways, buying dog chains, unproductive Presidential initiatives etc are two different games. keep on deceiving yourself that you belong to the Ashanti Akyem groups.

6.      NPP borrowed with nothing much to show except the Jubilee house, hotel Kuffour and uncompleted dam which Atta Mills sourced funds to complete. Under NDC we are seeing primary and secondary roads constructed, new school buildings, gas plants, expansion of the two major habours; construction of fish landing bays, new regional and district hospitals (including the new teaching hospital at the University of Ghana, new 37 military hospital and expansion works at both KATH and Korle bu), expansion of water supply infrastructure (Akuse expansion just completed, that in Takoradi is ongoing) and many more. there are things to show for the funds. it was not for paying salaries as NPP did with the Euro-bonds.

7.      NPP borrowed during the global surplus economy when Ghana was the number one recipient of "free monies" from our donor "colonial masters" as reward for being the poster child of winner takes all multiparty democrazy! Even Spain, Pakistan, Ireland, India, Nigeria, etc., gave us aid and grants during the global surplus economy. NDC came to power in a deep global recession. Bawumia is blind and dishonest. The neo-cons are making similar nonsensical argument against Obama in the USA!!!

8.      Bawumia adi emia. all you are doing will come to zero. remember aliu mahama.

9.      Another clueless NPP prophet of doom— ou went HIPIC, had debts cancelled, received free monies, sold Ghana Airways, Ghana Telecom and still borrowed?? Clueless. All u want is power at any cost. All die be die.
Folks, I purposely selected these comments because they dominated the reaction of readers. One or two comments agreed with Bawumia but the majority of the 14 that I accessed as of the time of writing this post proved him wrong and showed clearly that the kind of politics that he is leading the NPP to do with the country’s debt status won’t fly in the face of facts.
Clearly, then, we can see how this kind of “false alarm” politics will backfire. The NPP people are just not sure of what to do to win the hearts of the electorate and will cling on to any straw in their sight. The government has initiated and completed projects that the people can see as evidence of money being wisely spent. The problems that aren’t being solved have been explained and reasons given to allay fears, doubts, and suspicions. Can’t any level-headed politician see anything beyond the nose to do politics without alarming anybody and hoping to cash in?
Folks, for as long as these NPP people choose rogue politics as their route to seek public goodwill, they will expose their own underbelly and be hit hard. Even outside the main season for partisan politics, they are finding it difficult to hone their skills. What can they do when the main season opens? False alarm won’t solve their credibility problems. They need better strategies to reach out to the electorate. If they care to know, we will tell them that their brand of politics is antiquated and sterile. Can they ever descend from their high horses to connect with the people? I wonder; I truly wonder!!
I dedicate this post to Dr. Bernard Glover, a former Council of State member and proprietor of Hotel Cisneros at Sogakope, who passed away today at home. He was a self-made man who served his country and people to the best of his ability. One pillar of the NDC in the South Tongu District. May he rest in perfect peace!!
I shall return…
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